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Software Version History

Version 6.0: The software removes hair from images.

Version 5.0: Calibration support for high resolution webcams. Faster webcam communication. Batch calibration of digicam images (you can now calibrate multiple images in a single operation). Mole color maps (an easy way to detect substructures in a mole). JFIF and JPE file extensions added. Various minor GUI improvements.

Mole Color Map

Version 4.1: Windows® Vista compatible.

Version 4.0: Measures and analyzes mole's asymmetry, border irregularity, perimeter and area. The complete ABCD features of a mole are now measured: asymmetry, border irregularity, color variations and dimension (length, perimeter and area).

Version 3.1: The color of rulers, moles’ borders, color filter segmentations, etc. can be selected to be white or black (to accommodate different skin tones). Version 3.1 also includes minor additions/modifications to GUI and the Help file.

Version 3.0: Includes a configurable color filter for mole analysis and for comparing moles.

Version 2.0: The software automatically detects the border of moles and automatically measures their size.

Version 1.1: Includes an Uninstaller and modifications in the Help file.

Version 1.0: Original version.


Mole database Mole Database


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