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MoleSense - Take Control of Your Mole

MoleSense measures and analyzes the ABCD features of moles on the skin: asymmetry, border irregularity, color variations and dimension (length, perimeter and area). It is ideal for people with dysplastic nevus syndrome who may have hundreds of moles and who need to monitor the size and shape of the moles. The MoleSense product includes hardware (a camera rail and an optional remote switch) and software (for image acquisition and analysis). Using your own digital camera along with the MoleSense hardware and software, you can take pictures of your moles from which the software can measure and analyze the size and shape of the moles. MoleSense can be used as a part of a mole mapping procedure, in which individuals with dysplastic nevus syndrome map the size and location of moles over their entire body.


Note: The MoleSense software is no longer available for purchase. Please consider using our free Chrome extension instead.


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Using MoleSense


Below are some of the product features (click on the images to enlarge):

Software features:

  • The software measures moles' asymmetry, border irregularity and dimension (maximum length, perimeter and area). For individuals with dysplastic nevus syndrome, who may otherwise find it difficult to record or remember the size of hundreds of moles, the software offers an automated quick way to record analysis of multiple moles.

Mole Asymmetry, Border Irregularity and Size

  • The software automatically detects the border of moles.

Detecting the Border of Moles

  • You can analyze mole colors by drawing a color map and by using a color filter.

Mole Color Map

  • You can remove hair from images.

Hair Removal

  • With a click of a mouse you can print a report that includes the image of the moles (with a ruler plotted on the image) and information about the image settings and camera settings.

Report Printout

  • When working with a webcam, you can use a Timer to acquire multiple images with a set time-delay between the images. Use the time-delays to shift the position of the camera across your body.

  • A description of the image may be saved with each image. Such a description may include the location of the moles (e.g. on the right foot), changes you have noticed in the shape of a mole, or things to look for in the future.

  • You can choose between English and metric measurement units.

  • You can view the images at a later time (e.g. in a few months) to recall the size of moles at specific dates. By taking pictures every few months, you can monitor changes over time in the moles’ size. This is especially advantageous for people with dysplastic nevus syndrome who may otherwise find it difficult to record or remember the size of multiple moles.

Hardware features:

  • You can easily take pictures of moles across your body while maintaining a constant distance between the camera lens and your skin, using the camera rail. Maintaining a constant distance between the camera lens and your skin is important for ensuring valid mole measurements. (When using a digicam, you may want to use the Self-Timer and Macro modes of your digicam.)
    This feature is especially useful for individuals with dysplastic nevus syndrome who may need to take many pictures across their body.
  • When working with a webcam, you can use an optional remote switch (provided with MoleSense). The remote switch allows you to easily take pictures while scanning areas of your skin with a webcam. You simply click the switch to take a picture. The remote switch connects to the parallel port of your computer.

Remote Switch

  • The rail is made from aluminum (black anodized) and has six locations (holes) in which you can mount a camera. The handle is made from plastic.

Camera Mount

How the software measures the size of moles: following a calibration process, the software “learns” the field of view of your camera. The software can then measure the size of moles in images that you acquire (mole length, perimeter and area), draw rulers on images, and more. You can calibrate the software to work with multiple cameras.

Important: MoleSense is NOT designed to replace doctor visits, regular self exams of moles in front of a mirror, or any other mole monitoring measures. MoleSense should not be used for diagnosing skin cancer or any other medical problems.

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