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Skin Mole #31

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Size (Length): 7.0 mm

Skin Mole #32

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Skin Mole Picture

Size (Length): 5.7 mm

Perimeter: 16.1 mm

Area: 15.6 sq. mm

Asymmetry: 2 (Low)

Border irregularity: 4 (Medium)

Skin Mole #33

Customer's Comment: Here is a mole that is on my daughter's back.


Customer's Comment After Analysis: Thank you for taking the time to look at the photo I sent you of my daughter's halo nevus. I did take my daughter to a dermatologist. They removed it and sent it out for a biopsy. Turns out the tissue was abnormal, but because they removed the entire mole she will need no further treatment. You provide an excellent service, and I just wanted to let you know it is appreciated. Thank you!

Skin Mole Picture

Size (Length): 5.0 mm

Skin Mole #34

Customer's Comment: This mole on my cheek used to be dark brown. Over the past few years it has gotten bigger and the brown has faded. It sometimes appears more white than my normal skin colour. It grows out a hair once in a while and sometimes becomes slightly infected. I have others on my face and side of my nose as well but they all never started out as a brown colour.

Thanks for this service. If this help others from getting cancer then I am all for it.


Customer's Comment After Analysis: Thank you so kindly for taking the time to look at the photo and to send me a reply.

Thanks again. I appreciate your service!

Skin Mole Picture

Size (Length): 8.0 mm

Skin Mole #35

Customer's Comment: Left armpit.



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Skin Mole Picture

Size (Length): 2.5 mm

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Note: Some of the information in the database (mole size and comments) is provided by the owners of the images. Opticom Data Research is NOT responsible for the accuracy of that information. Opticom Data Research uses the MoleSense software to draw the border of the moles and calculate the border irregularity, asymmetry, perimeter and area of the moles (based in part on the mole size information provided by the image owner). Read also the Terms of Use.

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