Free Dermoscopic Image Analysis

Opticom Data Research will assess the risk level of a skin lesion in your dermatoscopic image (high, medium, or low). The free report also includes links to dermatoscopic images on the web that are most similar to the skin lesion in your image.

An analysis report will be emailed to you within a week.

Please email us ( the following information:

  1. Dermoscopic image
  2. Clinical image
  3. Age of patient
  4. Gender of patient
  5. Location of skin lesion (e.g. Leg, Back)
  6. Evolution of skin lesion

By emailing us the images (dermoscopic and clinical) and information above you certify that you are the copyright owner of the images and the information you are submitting is correct. In addition, you consent to the inclusion of your images in our online database.

Use the analysis report for educational purposes only. It is NOT designed to replace skin lesion evaluation and analysis by a medical professional. The report should not be used for diagnosing skin cancer or any other medical problems.

Sample Analysis Report

Dermoscopic skin lesion

View dermoscopic images and analysis.


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