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The following definitions are used:

  • Digicam: Any digital camera with which you first take pictures, and then you download the images to the computer.

  • Dysplastic Nevi: Atypical moles; moles whose appearance is different from that of common moles. Dysplastic nevi are generally larger than ordinary moles and have irregular and indistinct borders. Often their color is not uniform, and ranges from pink to dark brown. Dysplastic nevi are usually flat, but parts may be raised above the skin surface. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

  • Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome: A hereditary condition which causes the person to have a large quantity of nevi (moles), often 100 or more. Dysplastic nevi are a precursor to malignant melanoma, and these patients are therefore at a higher risk of developing this form of skin cancer. A slight majority of melanomas do not form in an existing mole, but rather create a new growth on the skin. Nevertheless, those with more dysplastic nevi are at a higher risk for melanoma. Such persons need to be checked regularly for any changes in their moles and to note any new ones. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Mole Mapping: The process of taking close-up pictures of the skin in order to record all the moles, and mapping the images according to their location (e.g. right foot, upper left arm).

  • Webcam: Any digital camera that can send live video images to the computer (e.g. USB camera).

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