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You can analyze mole colors by drawing a color map and by using a color filter.

Color Map

A color map is an easy way to detect substructures in a mole.

When drawing a color map, MoleSense divides the pixels inside a mole into five groups according to their color brightness level. Each of the five groups is given an artificial color, with red representing the darkest mole colors and aqua representing the brightest mole colors.

Mole Color Map


Color Filter

The color filter can be used to:

  • Organize the colors in the image in order of brightness (i.e. from the darkest to the brightest) and easily step through the colors in that order (usually the darker colors are inside a mole, while the surrounding skin has lighter colors).
  • Detect substructures in a mole.
  • Block or view specific colors in the image. Computer monitors support millions of colors and the filter can block or pass a single color, or a window (i.e. range) of colors.


Stepping the filter through mole colors and detecting substructures:

Detecting Substructures in a Mole


The Color Filter dialog box:

Color Filter Settings

Mole database Mole Database


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