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Using a Webcam versus Using a Digicam

The advantages of using a webcam (versus using a digicam)

  • While scanning the moles on your skin with a webcam, you can use the MoleSense software to measure the size of the moles in real-time. Digicams, on the other hand, do not send live video images to the computer.

Real-Time Mole Size Measurement

  • When you acquire an image (i.e. take a picture) with a webcam, it appears in the application window and you can immediately perform mole measurements.
    Using a digicam requires a few more steps: first you take pictures with your camera, then you download the images from the camera to your computer, and then, using the MoleSense software, you perform mole measurements.

The advantages of using a digicam (versus using a webcam)

  • Digicams generally have higher resolutions than consumer-type webcams, enabling you to see smaller details in the images.
  • Digicams generally have better lenses and focusing mechanisms than consumer-type webcams, producing sharper images, and again, enabling you to see smaller details in the images.

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