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Skin Mole Analysis

Customer's Comment: Please find attached a picture of my mole which is on my upper right thigh going around the right hand outside side of my leg up towards my buttocks. The mole has changed over the years but I do not know if it's something I should be worried about or if I am just being over the top and time wasting!
The mole has grown and over time developed almost like a shadow around the outside of it in a lighter brown shade. The 'original' darker shade inside mole is 5/6mm across at it's widest point and the measurement across including the 'outside' shadow area is just under 1cm. I have not had a GP look at it at this stage so no biopsy etc.

Many thanks


Skin Mole Analysis


Skin Cancer Pictures

According to the MoleSense software, the skin cancer image on the Web that is most similar to this mole in terms of color variations is:



Color Map

Skin Mole Color Variation

Click here for color map definition.


Asymmetry and Border Irregularity

The MoleSense software has measured the following values:

Asymmetry: 13 (Very High)
Border irregularity: 5 (Medium)


MoleSense uses the following values:

0 (Very Low)
1-3 (Low)
4-6 (Medium)
7-9 (Medium-High)
10-12 (High)
13 and higher (Very High)



The MoleSense software has calculated the following dimensions:

Maximum Length: 5.5 millimeters (data provided by customer)
Perimeter: 16.6 millimeters
Area: 15.6 sq. millimeters



By examining the ABCD features of the mole image, it appears that the mole is atypical and should be examined by a physician.



Opticom Data Research uses an automated process to check for similarities between your skin mole and 100s of skin mole images on the Web that are tagged as "skin cancer" or "melanoma." Opticom Data Research is NOT responsible for the diagnosis of the Web moles (i.e. whether specific skin moles are indeed cancerous) nor does it claim that these similarities are medically significant. Use the mole analysis report for educational purposes only. It is NOT designed to replace a mole check by your doctor, regular self exams of moles in front of a mirror, or any other mole monitoring measures. The report should not be used for diagnosing skin cancer or any other medical problems.

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