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Opticom Data Research is a small company located in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. We design, manufacture and sell health related products (hardware and software) to dermatologists, university researchers and the general public. Thank you for visiting our Web site.

Skin Mole Database


Skin Mole Database

A database of mole images submitted by our customers. The database includes information about moles' asymmetry, border irregularity and dimension.




A mole partly covered with white patterns indicating substructures or variations of colors in the mole


Automated Skin Cancer Image Search

A web app for using an Internet browser to search for skin cancer images.





Pie Chart
Skin Cancer Rate Calculator

An online tool to calculate melanoma incidence and mortality rates in the USA.



Wall of bricks. Perhaps part of a fortress, perhaps part of a grave.
How Long Will You Live?

Using mortality statistics from the USA we give you answers to interesting questions about your longevity.




Map of USA. A few states are colored red, a few are colored purple, a few are colored green, and most are colored gray.
Geographic Clusters of Cancer in the USA

A study of geographic clusters of states with high incidence and mortality cancer rates in the USA.




Taking a Picture of MolesMoleSense

MoleSense is a device with software that measures and analyzes moles on the skin. The software automatically detects the border of moles, measures and analyzes the ABCD features (asymmetry, border irregularity, color variations and dimension) and records the measurement results. You can use MoleSense with webcams and digicams. MoleSense can be especially useful to individuals with dysplastic nevus syndrome.
MoleSense has been featured on USATODAY.com and Intel Corporation has cited MoleSense as a reference (November 2009, US patent# 7613337, Intel Corp).


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Skin Cancer News

Skin cancer news in the fields of public health, science and technology.





Eye Floaters Cell Phone Application


Eye Floaters Smartphone Application

This application can help you see a detailed image of your eye floaters. The software displays a pinhole that can be pulsed and change in size. Currently available for Android and BlackBerry phones.



Mole database Mole Database


Download the MoleSense software at softonic.com


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